PE File Headers and Sections

Important PE Sections

  • .text -- instructions for the CPU to execute

  • .rdata -- imports & exports

  • .data – global data

  • .rsrc – strings, icons, images, menus

Time Date Stamp

  • Shows when this executable was compiled

  • Older programs are more likely to be known to antivirus software

  • But sometimes the date is wrong

    • All Delphi programs show June 19, 1992

    • Date can also be faked


  • Virtual Size – RAM

  • Size of Raw Data – DISK

  • For .text section, normally equal, or nearly equal

  • Packed executables show Virtual Size much larger than Size of Raw Data for .text section

Resource Hacker

  • Lets you browse the .rsrc section

  • Strings, icons, and menus

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