Virus Attacks and How to Defend

What is heuristic scanning?

Scanning using a rules-based approach

What malicious activity did the Rombertik virus attempt?

It overwrote the master boot record

Which of the following should be the least important consideration when purchasing antivirus software?


The first known ransomware was the 1995 PC Trojan


In the event of a virus infection, the first priority is to contact the IT department.

False, the first priority is to stop the spread of the infection

What is the most common method of virus propagation?

Through e-mail attachments

In the context of viruses what is a .dat file?

A file with virus definitions

The unfortunate side effect of heuristic scanning is that it can easily lead to false positives


What is active code scanning?

Scanning for active web elements (scripts, ActiveX, and so on)

Which of the below are famous Trojan Horses?

Netbus, Finfisher

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