msf5 > search portscan
msf5 > use auxiliary/scanner/portscan/syn
msf5 auxiliary(scanner/portscan/syn) > info
msf5 auxiliary(scanner/portscan/syn) > options  # check defaults and see what options you still need to set

Module options (auxiliary/scanner/portscan/syn):

   Name       Current Setting  Required  Description
   ----       ---------------  --------  -----------
   BATCHSIZE  256              yes       The number of hosts to scan per set
   DELAY      0                yes       The delay between connections, per thread, in milliseconds
   INTERFACE                   no        The name of the interface
   JITTER     0                yes       The delay jitter factor (maximum value by which to +/- DELAY) in milliseconds.
   PORTS      1-10000          yes       Ports to scan (e.g. 22-25,80,110-900)
   RHOSTS                      yes       The target host(s), range CIDR identifier, or hosts file with syntax 'file:<path>'
   SNAPLEN    65535            yes       The number of bytes to capture
   THREADS    1                yes       The number of concurrent threads (max one per host)
   TIMEOUT    500              yes       The reply read timeout in milliseconds

msf5 auxiliary(scanner/portscan/syn) > set ports 1-65535
ports => 1-65535
msf5 auxiliary(scanner/portscan/syn) > set rhosts
rhosts =>
msf5 auxiliary(scanner/portscan/syn) > run

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