Broken Access Control

Websites have pages that are protected from regular visitors, for example only the site's admin user should be able to access a page to manage other users. If a website visitor is able to access the protected page/pages that they are not authorised to view, the access controls are broken. A regular visitor being able to access protected pages, can lead to the following:

  • Being able to view sensitive information

  • Accessing unauthorized functionality

OWASP have a listed a few attack scenarios demonstrating access control weaknesses: Scenario #1: The application uses unverified data in a SQL call that is accessing account information:

  • pstmt.setString(1, request.getParameter("acct"));

  • ResultSet results = pstmt.executeQuery( );

An attacker simply modifies the ‘acct’ parameter in the browser to send whatever account number they want. If not properly verified, the attacker can access any user’s account.


Scenario #2: An attacker simply force browses to target URLs. Admin rights are required for access to the admin page.



If an unauthenticated user can access either page, it’s a flaw. If a non-admin can access the admin page, this is a flaw (reference to scenarios).

To put simply, broken access control allows attackers to bypass authorization which can allow them to view sensitive data or perform tasks as if they were a privileged user.

Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)

IDOR, or Insecure Direct Object Reference, is the act of exploiting a misconfiguration in the way user input is handled, to access resources you wouldn't ordinarily be able to access. IDOR is a type of access control vulnerability.

For example, let's say we're logging into our bank account, and after correctly authenticating ourselves, we get taken to a URL like this On that page we can see all our important bank details, and a user would do whatever they needed to do and move along their way thinking nothing is wrong.

There is however a potentially huge problem here, a hacker may be able to change the account_number parameter to something else like 1235, and if the site is incorrectly configured, then he would have access to someone else's bank information.

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