Security Standards

What does the Step 3 in NIST 800-30 Rev.1 clarifies?

Vulnerability Identification

Which of the following describes ISO 27003?

ISMS Implementation

Which standard defines Management System Auditing?

ISO 27007

Which U.S. standard covers risk assessment?

NIST SP 800-30

What standard should you consult for managing incident response?

ISO 27035

What is the acronym of GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation

PCI DSS is a proprietary information security standard for organisations that handle cardholder data.


ISO 27035 describes incident management.


Which U.S. standard should you consult to guide you in developing security policies?

NIST SP 800-14

NIST SP 800-30 Rev.1 is a standard for conducting risk assessments.


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