Assessing System Security

Ports 1 through 1024 are NOT assigned and used for well-known protocols


You should have a document that lists the physical security in place


All employees within a company must have access to the server room.


Virus attacks utilize uncommon ports to gain access to a system.

True (my note: debatable)

Open Web Application Security Project is the standard for risk assessment.


Which of the following best describes risk assessment.

Evaluating the security of a network

Which of the following is the least necessary security device/software

Encryption for all internal transmissions

All visitors to the building must be logged in and escorted by an employee at all times.


Which of the following is the most fundamental aspect of security?

Patching the operating system

What is NOT a primary reason for documenting your security activity and audits?

To demonstrate how much work the network administrators usually do

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